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play craps online for real moneyThe playing and gambling with dice are the oldest known form of gaming. It goes back into pre-history, but the game of craps today; still possess that excitement and anticipation of luck and victory.

Even better for a game of chance, it has one of the best bets to play that will help you win and help you win big.

Let’s get started and play online craps…

Some basics of Online Craps- The Craps Table and Rolling

The shooters (ones who throw the dice) stand at the end of an oblong table, covered in felt and marked with various bet options. The shooters will throw the dice to the other side of the table.

Coming out (your first roll) according to the rules state that if you roll a 7 or 11, you win. If you don’t, and roll a 2,3, or 12 you lose. Its that simple. However, should you roll any another number (4,5,6,8,9,or 10), that number will become your “point”? You then keep rolling until you ‘hit” (achieve) that number.

In this case, you also win, unless before hitting that number, you roll a 7, whereby you instantly lose.

How to play craps correctly

Yet as simple as the above seems, to win is not so simple.

You must bet correctly, and you must try to arrange the odds as much as possible in your favor. As a new player, you must refrain from the field bets. You will only lose your money. Craps give you the opportunity to arrange your odds.

Let’s learn how.

If you look at the craps table layout, you will see clearly marked areas saying ‘pass’ and ‘don’t pass’. What do these mean? Pass bets win on coming out a 7 or 11.

Don’t pass bet wins coming out a 2,3, or 12. 2, 3, or 12 on a first roll is known as “craps”. Like we said, there are really lots of bets to make, but as you are a beginner, stick to this bet, the ‘Free Odds’.

When (and only) if you bet on the pass line, you can bet also on Free Odds. As the casino has really no statistical advantage with this bet, it’s known as Free Odds. That is why you must also bet on the pass line, so the casino has some advantage.

If the first roll is not Craps, or a 7 -11, a point number is set. Having a bet on the pass line, if a 7 or 11 came you won, if craps came you lost, so we assume neither occurred and you are waiting for the point. You can now bet Free Odds with a bet equal to your pass line bet.

This is really a good bet. Unless a 7 comes out now, you will win as the point is made. The chances are good you point will arrive (known as ‘made’), before a 7 arrives. You will have won on the passing and free odds bet too. The payout, however, will be adjusted to what the point was.

Here is how that works.

The 4 and 10 are the easiest to make and thus the pay out is just 2 :1. Second hardest to make are the 5 and 9, and their payout is 3 :1. Now the 6 and 8 are the hardest to make, so their pay out is 6:5.

What have you achieved by betting Free Odds in Craps?

You will have doubled your winnings, safely.

As we said, we assume you are a beginner at Craps, so refrain from the complicated bets. They pay out a lot more, but also, they are very confusing, hard to achieve, and usually will see you lose.