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For the most part blackjack is one of the more simpler card games to learn how to play. After all, each player needs to merely take his place at the card table, make a wager, receive two cards from the dealer, take a look at the two cards, and then determine whether or not he wants the dealer to hit him with another card. Based on this simplification of the game, it appears that it is not so difficult to play blackjack.

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Blackjack Online Casinos

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How To Play Blackjack

play blackjack online for real moneyIt is usually recommended that blackjack amateurs should begin with online blackjack. The reason behind this is that online casino software is an excellent guide for players who are not quite sure of the intricacies that characterizes the game. Blackjack also known as 21 is one of the most popular casino table game and also the most played online casino game.

How it works

It is based on a score of twenty one and it usually provides a player with the most attractive odds in the house. The primary objective of the game is for a player to come as close as possible to twenty one without exceeding it. All the while the player should have a higher total than the dealer. The Player ought to place bets before he can receive any cards. The cards are normally dealt with in a rotation manner from the Dealer i.e. from left to right. The hand of the dealer has 1 card face up and 1 card face down. In the event that the card total of a Player is closer to twenty one than that of the Dealer, the player takes the day. The Player is considered the winner if the card total of the dealer exceeds 21. Alternatively, the Player is also considered a winner with Blackjack if the Dealer’s score of 21 is composed of 3 cards or more. However, the Player loses if his or her total is over 21. Players have two options are available to them, these are to play 2 hands or one hand against the Dealer. Blackjack is achieved when the first 2 cards equal 21.


The following are the rules applied when playing online Blackjack:
i. Blackjack game is usually played using 6 decks. These are normally reshuffled on completion of each hand.
ii. The Dealer hits on soft seventeen.
iii. Player Blackjack pays three to two.
iv. Any other hand that is winning is normally paid one to one.
v. Insurance should pay two to one.
vi. Splitting up is allowed only up to 3 hands.
vii. You can surrender any first 2 cards.
viii. Split aces should only get one card.
ix. Re-splitting aces is not allowed.
x. A 10-value pack and a split ace are not considered a Blackjack.

Card values

The following some of the card values when playing Blackjack:
i. Card suits are not relevant when playing the game.
ii. Card 2 all the way to card 10 possess a face value.
iii. All queens, kings and jacks have a value of 10.
iv. Aces have a value of either 11 or 1.


The following are the rules as regards to betting in Blackjack:
i. In order to place a bet, you should click on a chip first.
ii. Any extra clicks on the interface of the chip will be added to the wager.
iii. The chip located in the betting circle should be clicked so as to remove a bet.
iv. The maximum amount to bet is $ 500 while the least amount to place a bet with is only $1.

Win or lose

The following are the rules concerning wins and losses in online Blackjack:
i. The Player is only considered a winner when he possess a score of twenty one or less than twenty one, either way his score has to be higher than the total of the Dealer.
ii. The Player also wins when he achieves a score of 21 or less than 21 when the final score of the Dealer exceeds 21.
iii. Any 10-value card together with an ace on the initial dealer is what is called a Blackjack.
iv. Blackjack pays three to two provided only that the Dealer does not possess a Blackjack.
v. Dealer Blackjack and a Player on the same hand leads to a tie, this is commonly referred to as a push.
vi. Any score of 21 that results in a win after a split is paid one to one.

Button descriptions

A few button descriptions of Blackjack game are:
Hit button – It is used when one desires to be dealt with another card. Players are allowed to hit it as much as they desire but the total of the cards must not exceed 21 or be equal to it.
Deal button – It is used to commence the game after placing a bet.
Stand button – It is used when one wishes to keep the hand dealt to them. It happens automatically when you double down or hit 21.
Double button – A player can opt to double down after being dealt the first 2 cards. 1 extra card is dealt top the player and the bet in hand is consequently doubled.


With the above insightful information, you can now play Blackjack online.